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Michele McCants: My Xyngular Income Means More Time With My Kids

Michele McCants: My Xyngular Income Means More Time With My Kids

About 15 years ago, I tried my hand at network marketing with a different company. I didn’t end up succeeding there, but it did ignite a vision in me. I realized back then that I wanted to help people with their health, and that vision never left me. Back then, I feel like I wanted it for people more than they wanted it for themselves, and that just didn’t work. Also, I feel like that company required me to be a health expert, so I learned a lot, but the system just wasn’t there for success.

2 or 3 years ago, I bought some supplements hoping to lose a few pounds but it didn’t work. My upline Kasey Stehl contacted me about Xyngular, but I ignored her for a while. Once I heard that Xyngular offered a 100% money-back guarantee, I decided to go for it. That guarantee was really big for me, and I wanted to lose 30 pounds so I took the plunge.

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I realized Xyngular could help supplement my income since I had quit my job

My whole life, I’ve suffered from really bad acid reflux, to the point where I’ve had medical procedures done and have had trouble and pain swallowing. I didn’t want to damage my esophagus, but my doctor telling me to take Prilosec every day for the rest of my life wasn’t ideal either. Once Xyngular’s products helped me lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve felt so much better!

Also, Xyngular supplements have greatly benefited my son, who struggles socially. He uses Axion and even his teachers at school have told me he’s seemed healthier.

I’m a social worker by profession, and in the last year I started feeling like I needed to spend more time with my son. I was working 4 days each week, but 3 of those days I was doing an hour commute each way to get to work. I just wasn’t happy, and finally in December I quit to spend more time with my son.

I signed up with Xyngular last July, and I didn’t see it as a business at all. By January, I realized Xyngular could help supplement my income since I had quit my job. Now, the Xyngular money I earn through my business helps pay for treatment to help my son progress.

As far as building a team, I’ve just tried to be persistent but not pushy. I approached Pamela O’Connor in January and she said no. We ended up taking a trip together and she watched the videos, but it wasn’t until March when she came back and said she was ready to do Xyngular. I knew she’d be great and she is an absolute rock star!

I keep a set of index cards and keep the names of potential recruits on the cards. I like having something tangible that fits in my purse and it always reminds me to work my business. I am always checking in on people and following up. Persistence has been the key to building my business so far.

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