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Trevalyn Schowengerdt: 10 New Enrollees in 30 Days!

Trevalyn Schowengerdt: 10 New Enrollees in 30 Days!

Trevalyn Schowengerdt’s personal goal since she started Xyngular a month ago has been to talk to at least 2 people per day about Xyng and enroll one per week. So far, she’s blowing it out of the water, with 10 sponsored in her first 30 days! She’s shared some of her keys to success below.

“I live in Butler, Missouri, a small town of about 4,000 population. I am a former teacher of 19 years with a Master’s Degree in Business/Office Education, being certified K-12 and in Vocational Education. I joined my husband in funeral service 24 years ago and am currently a funeral director we own and operate our own funeral home, “Schowengerdt Funeral Chapel” and are on call literally 24/7. (My husband is also County Coroner!).

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I have always been interested in health/wellness and I exercise daily.

Five years ago I was FINALLY diagnosed with Lyme Disease and had several infections, viruses, chronic fatigue and mono to name a few, and had issues with mental focus and concentration. I was on HEAVY antibiotics for 18 months which put me in recovery/remission but then had to deal with effects of prescription drugs. My immune system was shot! If that wasn’t enough, I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever last fall (2012) and was on antibiotics again for 3 months. My Lyme Disease doctor retired and I was desperate, so I consulted with a chiropractor who had Lyme Disease and passed it on to his wife and unborn child so I thought he should know what he was doing. I was on a MULTITUDE of supplements (30 or more 1-3 times a day) from him and two other sources; however, I really didn’t know what I was taking for what and it was expensive without return on my product investment. My recovery was slow.

This is My Xyng Story and I AM a Product of the Product!

A friend of mine (now my sponsor) had lost 50+ pounds, which caught my attention. I have always yo-yoed with my weight, 20 to 30 pounds. If I were really thin, it was because I was sick! She invited me to a meeting in Overland Park, Kansas, (70 miles from my home) and I only went out of courtesy to her. It just so happened that some of the Xyngular corporate people from Utah were there. Peter Griscom’s review of the product (as well as testimonies from others) and all the health/wellness benefits above and beyond weight loss was IMPRESSIVE to me. I thought about it for a couple weeks and then talked personally with Peter who assured me the products could help me. So, with a leap of faith and “flying by the seat of my pants” (which is unusual for me as I am a detail person), I went for it!

I immediately started with the Ultimate Transformation Pack (because I wanted to be on EVERYTHING) and have had an absolutely flawless transition! I didn’t have much weight to lose but lost 10 pounds in my first 8 days and 6 1/2 inches over all. I went on the Post-Ignite Plan and lost 2 1/2 more pounds and am currently maintaining. My energy level was awesome, my mood enhanced, and my mental focus and clarity absolutely incredible. I have NEVER felt better physically, mentally or emotionally.

Achievement of success so far: I wanted to be able to say, “been there, done that” on the Ignite Plan. I measured and weighed on November 7 with great anticipation of starting the Ignite Fat Burning System. I set reasonable goals and my goal was to lose 8 pounds before Thanksgiving (I lost 10). I followed-up with the Post Ignite Plan. I was not a Facebook user, but I began day one sharing my weight loss and feel-good journey. I also shared with family and friends by email and word of mouth. I lost a few pounds and felt great, and I wanted everyone to know! I asked LOTS of questions of my sponsor and upline and called Xyngular daily with product and compensation questions. I also watched videos and connected with Xyngular Corporate Calls. In the beginning, I just knew I wanted to “try” doing the business in addition to benefiting from the product. My goal was to pay for my product, enroll four, and help them duplicate that process! I’m accomplishing that and I AM committed! I attended/studied other transformation parties including Xyngular’s 30-Day Xplosion Training Guide and scripted my very own first Transformation Party on November 20.

Xyngular income: I am only 30 days in, but my Xyngular income has paid for my UTP and product use for me and my husband. Only two weeks after enrolling, I was so excited to get my first pink check $70.40 and have gone on to earn over $1,000. I have personally sponsored 10 and my group already consists of 17. I think, eat, sleep and SHARE Xyngular.

How Xyngular affected my life: I am satisfied with my weight and looking forward to holiday parties, etc. I feel my immune system is no longer high risk, my energy including mental clarity and focus is incredible and mood is much enhanced. My acid reflux has improved. Hair loss tremendously improved. Nail fungus of months is GONE. Sinus issues and pressure GONE. I am handling stress (which affects immunity) with ease!

I take ALL the products EVERY day and love my SIMPLE daily routine:

  • Xyng when my feet hit the floor at 5 a.m.
  • Spryng within the next 20 minutes when I exercise
  • Lean Smoothie w/Super Fruit Global Blend or Xypstix followed by Axion for breakfast or mid morning
  • Cheat before every meal and Accelerate after
  • Flush before I go to bed

Tips to duplicate: Simply COMMIT to IDENTIFY, INVITE and ENROLL! Present the products, the industry, the company and the opportunity. Use resources, sponsor and upline. Share, share, share! Duplicate! Repeat! ENJOY the product benefits and compensation rewards! Be a product of the product…I am!”

Trevalyn Schowengerdt

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