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Meriel Perez Centino: Down 70 Pounds and 10 Pants Sizes

Meriel Perez Centino: Down 70 Pounds and 10 Pants Sizes

It would make me very happy if my story of transformation can serve to inspire others to change their lives. I had many bad situations in my personal life: depression, panic attacks, no job, and no money. As a single mother, I felt my situation was hopeless.

On top of that, I had gained lots of weight and was up to 220 pounds! I was a size 2X in shirts and size 20 in pants, my feet were swollen and they hurt all the time. Shopping was the worst. I could not spend much time standing or walking. My daughters suffered because of me and that made me more depressed. In my desperation to lose weight, I tried everything: different products that promised to make me lose weight, teas, gyms, and clinical diets. I spent over $2,000! Finally, my doctor forbade me to keep taking things to lose weight because my blood pressure went out of control, so I started to take medication to control it. I had no hope of losing weight, so I prayed to at least not gain more.

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In my first month, I lost 38 pounds and I started making money

When someone told me about Xyngular, she said they were all-natural products, and that obviously caught my attention, so I invited her to my house to learn more about the products. I bought the products, which felt like a big sacrifice because I didn’t have much money, but when you really want something, you find a way.

In my first 4 days I lost 16 pounds! This was a big thrill for me, and I began to cry tears of joy because I knew that finally I was going to do it! In my first month, I lost 38 pounds. The products were making me lose weight, while at the same time my depression and panic attacks improved, and my doctor was able to take me off the high blood pressure medication because getting healthy helped it become completely normal! The swelling in my feet disappeared the 2nd day I started using Ignite.

And not only that, I decided to become a Distributor, and I started making money. I have lost over 70 pounds, from size 2X in blouses to a size medium, and from pants size 20 I am now a size 10. If you want something with all your heart, you can do it, all you have to do is START!

Meriel Perez Centino

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