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Josue Gomez & The Xyngular Solution

Josue Gomez & The Xyngular Solution

Josue Gomez’s story could initially come off as a sad tale. That is, of course, until you get to the happy ending.

Now 33 years old, he has battled with being overweight since he was a child. And it has been a true battle; whatever he tried didn’t quite take. As he’s grown older, his weight has increased in kind. “By the age of 18, at 520 pounds and considered morbidly  obese, I had so many health problems - sleep apnea, asthma, fatigue-that I was near death at any given time, whether I was sleeping in bed or driving a car,” he says.

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Xyngular is both his happy ending and new beginning.

With few options available to them, Josue’s family decided to try gastric bypass surgery. Initially, he lost a considerable amount of weight—220 pounds over two years-but the price he paid for it was a weakened immune system and having become anemic due to a malabsorption of nutrients. Poor  nutrition  and  eating  habits  led to his gaining some of the lost weight back. As time marched on, Josue struggled with even more health issues, including problems with his blood  sugar  and  pain  in  his  joints and muscles. This led to trying even more options. Unfortunately for him, nothing worked.

“By 2012, I was over 400 pounds, wearing size 62 waist pants and 4XL shirts,” he says. “I was tired of not finding the clothes I wanted to wear, not being able to go to the places I wanted to go and not fitting in the seats of the places I visited.”

“I was tired, lazy and didn’t have the energy I craved and needed. I was truly sick and uncomfortable all of the time.”

In  August  of  2012,  though,  Josue’s life changed: he was introduced to Xyngular. Using the Ignite Fat Burning System, he lost 60 pounds in three months. He did the  8-day ignite again two months later and lost an additional 30 pounds. Josue even did it a third time, with similar results.

By August of 2013, just a year after he started integrating Xyngular into his lifestyle, Josue has lost 130 pounds! At 270 and dropping, he’s now down to a 42” waist and is wearing size large shirts. He couldn’t be happier with his results. “I am feeling very healthy, I have won the fight against anemia and I now have a very strong immune system,” he reports, smiling. “My health has improved dramatically; I have lots of energy to exercise and work out.”

He’s not done yet, either. In fact, he hopes to lose a total of 150 pounds or more by the time Xyngfete 2013 happens in Puerto Rico at the end of October, then continue to become increasingly fit by the time Xyngfling 2014 takes place.

His story, his renewed desire and his drive to succeed are as inspiring as they are motivating. Josue has gained his life back. “I know it is possible and I am getting it done. I thank God every day for this great opportunity I have. Xyngular has changed my life and it is transforming my body, one day at a time. I love Xyngular!”

Josue Gomez

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