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Tina Elsey: Xyng Has Totally Changed My Life!

 Tina Elsey: Xyng Has Totally Changed My Life!

I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 35 just this past December. This spring I suffered from very bad MS fatigue. I thought that this was just going to be my life now.

In June I tried Xyng (approved by my MS doctor). From day 1, my energy was back to the way I felt it should be. I have taken it every day since. I have the energy I had in my early 20′s again! I look forward to each day and know I will easily get me to-do list done with energy to spare! Xyng has totally changed my life!

I thought if it could make me feel this wonderful, I wonder how awesome will it make my friends and family feel!

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I earned the Xtreme Builder Bonus of $1,000, am building a Xyngular business, and am feeling so great!

I started posting on Facebook daily. I follow up consistently and most important, I give support. I give personalized support to each and every person that joins my team. I ensure their success no matter their goals!

My tips to people trying to grow and keep their team growing is just this: Follow up, follow up, follow up! If someone has not told you “no”, they are still interested. If you can get someone to try the products and give them support, they will feel better and fall in love with Xyngular like I have!

Tina Elsey
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