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Kellie Harris’s - BRAND NEW LIFE

Kellie Harris’s - BRAND NEW LIFE: Xyngular

When Kellie Harris was initially introduced to Xyngular, her friend Troy Alexander told her the weight loss products would change her life. Bold statement.

That was a hard pill for her to swallow, much less accept. She didn’t believe him, choosing to flat-out ignore his email, but her friend was as patient as he was persistent. And, over time, her curiosity got the best of her. She’d worn out her polite response of “thanks, but no thanks,” and wanted to know more.

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After two days of incredible energy and walking around with a big smile on my face, I just knew I had to try everything else.

It’s a good thing she came around, too. In short, yes, she became part of the business. And, after a year-and-a- half at Xyngular, Kellie’s life has been absolutely transformed, as she’d been promised. Although she was once a skeptic, she now looks forward to how this company will continue to change her life in new, surprising ways.

A lot of things ran through her mind the first time she met with Troy at a Starbucks in Illinois to talk about weight loss. She thought that everything sounded too good to be true. She thought there was no way that a 100% natural product would work better than her Weight Watchers seemed to be doing. And she had a hard time believing “ordinary” people were making full-year salaries in a single months’ time, over and over again, simply sharing these supposedly extraordinary products.

As a self-employed nail technician for 22 years, she couldn’t manage to wrap her head around taking a chance on something that might not work. It was in the middle of the recession and also the middle of winter, typically her slowest time of the year, and she didn’t have a lot of excess funds. Once she learned about a 30-day money back guarantee, however, she was on board. That made all the difference.

“The day (Troy) handed me a box of Xyng, my life changed forever,” she says. “After two days of incredible energy and walking around with a big smile on my face, I just knew I had to try everything else.”

In her first eight days, she lost more than 16 pounds. The next big decision: sharing her proud accomplishment on Facebook. Sharing the journey wasn’t something she was very accustomed to, she said, not in all her years of yoyo dieting: “I always feared if I shared it with people other than my closest friends and family, I would be held accountable and people would know that I failed.”

Instead, it marked a new beginning. The products she swore up and down would never work, the company she didn’t much believe in—they were a turning point in her life. By the end of her second month, she’d made $500. The month after that, she was a Gold Manager. Not bad for a woman who simply wanted to make enough to pay for her products and perhaps have a bit left over.

“I could not believe what was happening to me. We are always told in the beginning to have a “why” and mine was simple: to lose weight and help with my financial strain. Very quickly, though, I started to see the magnitude of what Xyngular could do. I realized I was not only helping myself but I was giving hope and health to people I cared for. Once I discovered that, I was left with such a feeling of joy, I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.”

Consider what Kellie thought was in store for her future—that she would be doing nails for the rest of her life, even to her dying day. Now she gets to look toward the dreams she had as a little girl again. She sees a time in her life when she will be able to retire and go about doing Xyngular full-time. That time is probably not far off, either. Already, she is making over $10,000 a month. What’s more, she’s never even had any network marketing experience.

“And that can even sometimes be a challenge,” she readily admits. “I came into this business with the gift of gab and that is really what got me going. I started sharing my story and people started to notice a difference in me. I quickly realized that one of the best things I could do for myself was stop and look at my team members and discover their gift; find what it was they were bringing to the team and learn from them. I get the best education by just listening.”

“In fact, I am getting educated in marketing, computers, public speaking, people skills, problem solving, facing my fears and I’m even learning how to be a better friend.”

And she likes being able to promote a company that values wellness and nutrition over all else. Yes, it was her ability to lose weight that got her interested, but there’s so much more to consider where that came from.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she says. “I am living proof that the weight loss products are a true gift to so many who have struggled all their lives, but I tell them that what you’re really doing is getting healthy. The bonus of that is losing weight.”

Part of her new lifelong commitment to what Xyngular offers, to understanding what to eat and what not to, to really living a purposeful, healthy life comes from being with her mom at the hospital during the last two weeks of her mom’s life.

“I came to understand the urgency of getting the word out about Xyngular,” she says. “Our health is really one of the biggest gifts God has ever given us. It is usually only after we become sick that we really value it.”

Does she have tips on how to grow in this business? She certainly does. For one, Kellie believes in treating every day like it’s the last day of the month. Every single day counts towards your ultimate goal, so don’t waste any time. Secondly, writing down daily, weekly, and monthly goals made all the difference in her world. Visualizing her goals constantly allowed her to jump two ranks the month she started doing that. Also? Build wide. Keep your mind open. Learn from everyone around you.

Kellie learned some of those things the hard way, she says, but she learned them all the same. And that’s the important part: allowing yourself to be educated. Just like she learned to at least say yes to a company and try it instead of doing otherwise.

“And, because I did that, my life will never be the same again.”

Kellie Harris’s - BRAND NEW LIFE: Xyngular`

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