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How Tracey Ousley Pays it Foward

How Tracey Ousley Pays it Foward

One month before deciding to make the Xyngular life her own, Tracey Ousley learned she had to have vascular surgery.

She’d been in pain for close to a decade and wanted help. And, shortly after surgery, she was on Facebook when she managed to find her solution. A friend of hers had posted about Xyngular being a way to improve your health as well as lose weight. Tracey liked that.

She had no intentions of being part of a business. She was just happy for what the products did for her: in less than a years’ time, she’s been able to say goodbye to 20 pounds, four prescription medications and two dress sizes. However, when she started making good money as a result of being so taken with the products, she changed her tune. Tracey figured she could consider it her “healthy hobby.”

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I started sharing on Facebook, having home parties, talking about Xyngular in the salon I work at and talking to my girlfriends.

How Tracey Ousley Pays it Foward
“I used the products and had such great results, I couldn’t help but become passionate about paying it forward,” she says of her decision. “I started sharing on Facebook, having home parties, talking about Xyngular in the salon I work at and talking to my girlfriends.”

That’s not all. She started a website, gave out samples with informational cards and visited farmers markets, too. If there existed a time and place for her to share what had happened to her, she’d do so, no questions asked.

Besides, it didn’t make sense not to. After all, she was earning as much as she had as a part-time manicurist. She’d been able to pay off credit cards, scoop up the car of her dreams and start a savings account. Tracey was able to take trips to Sundance (Utah), Las Vegas and Orlando. She won cash rewards and even got to take a helicopter tour with her family.

“What began as a journey into healthier living and then a healthy hobby for a little extra income for vacations has become an amazing journey that far exceeds anything I ever hoped for,” she says of all she’s experienced thus far. “I so look forward to what lies ahead for me with this company!”

When her husband deployed to the U.S. Navy in Bahrain, she saw this business as something she could use to help fill her free time with. Two hours a night watching television fast turned into supporting other people and paying this system forward, Tracey says. And her 10-year-old Jayden fast became her biggest cheerleader as she would hit various goals and ranks.

Fast-forward to the present day and Tracey enjoys close to $4,000 a month for hitching her wagon to the Xyngular train. In fact, she hopes to make Platinum Director by October. Chances are very good she will.

“Share from your heart and be authentic to your Xyngular experience,” she advises. “It motivates others to want to do the same.”.

She’s nothing if she’s not generous for this opportunity, but she’s especially grateful to Troy Alexander and Marc Walker for helping her create a vision of success when she didn’t have one yet. “All of the people and mentors in this company have a very special ability to take ordinary people and help them create extraordinary lives,” she says. “I am humbled, blessed and honored to be part of this amazing community.”

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