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Melissa Carlson: With Xyngular, I’m Making Double What I Did Teaching

Melissa Carlson: With Xyngular, I’m Making Double What I Did Teaching

Xyngular found me in November 2012. From March to October 2012, I had lost about 50 pounds under medical supervision. It was a long, miserable process that left me with very little energy and no variety in my diet. By October, my weight loss had stalled and I was beginning to gain some weight back. I had nothing to lose with Xyngular’s money back guarantee, and I liked that the supplements were all natural, so I decided to see if they would help me.

By the second day of the 8 Day Ignite, my husband came to me and said, “You are a different person. You are actually cheerful!” And I WAS! My energy level was better than it had been in 15 years, and my anxiety and depression had disappeared.

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Melissa Carlson: With Xyngular, I’m Making Double What I Did TeachingAnother unexpected but pleasant surprise was noticed by Day 5. My Rosacea that had been out of control with inflammation began to clear up. I had been seeing a dermatologist every 2 weeks for 9 months. (You can see my Rosacea at its very worst point in the top left photo of the collage of my face. The top right photo shows how inflamed my skin still was after trying 3 different long-term antibiotics and 6 different very expensive topical prescriptions. The doctor tested me for Lupus because none of the Rosacea treatments were working. In the bottom 2 photos, you can see how Xyngular supplements began to heal my skin at 5 days, and then completely after 4 months.)

I lost 5 pounds on my 8 day challenge and continued to lose 25 more over the next 3 months, through all of the eating holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. In January, my blood work showed that my cholesterol was down by 50 points. By that time, I was feeling like the person I had been prior to my last pregnancy with our son, 15 years ago. I was very, very sick during that pregnancy and it seemed to have triggered lots of ongoing health and weight issues for me. I had no idea that when I set out to lose 30 more pounds, that Xyngular would actually give me so much more! I have my life back!

Since December 2012, my entire family and many of my friends have seen multiple health benefits from Xyngular. The opportunity to share this product with others has helped my family financially. I have a teaching degree but have not taught in public schools since our son was born. A couple of years ago, I began a home-based appliqué design business. It took a large investment to get that business up and running, and I did not see even a small profit until the end of the second year, working 75-90 hours a week. I did not intend (or need) to add this business as another job but could not keep such a wonderful thing from my friends and family.

And with Xyngular, there was very little investment required. Now, in just 6 months, I’m making more than double what I made teaching, and I have already tripled what it took me 2 years to see in profits in my other home-based business.

I’m so thankful for the leadership behind this company and their vision to not only offer an amazing product that gives us greater health and freedom from being sick and tired, but also gives us the opportunity to have financial freedom! I tell everyone that this feels more like a ministry than a job. It has changed my life! By serving and loving others, I get the joy of seeing them turn their lives around through Xyngular, too.

Melissa Carlson
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