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Robin Ranweiler & Anthony Hatch, Winners of March’s Xyngular’s Body Transformation!

Robin Ranweiler - Winner of March’s Xyngular’s Body Transformation!

Congrats to Robin Ranweiler & Anthony Hatch, the March winners of Xyngular’s Body Transformation Challenge! As winners in March, both Robin and Anthony earned $500 cash and a free box of Xyng samples!

Robin lost 14 pounds and 13 inches during the month of March. Her story is below:

“I feel great, my skin and hair are radiant and my headaches are gone. I have more energy to work out and to just be a better mom and wife. My cravings for junk food are gone! My friends and family have noticed my complete transformation and it feels great to be a role model for the ones I love. With my new healthy body and mind, I have been able to reach out to people in real need of a transformation."

* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers. The earning figures will depend upon an individual’s efforts, the area in which they live and the time they dedicate to their independent Distributors.

Anthony Hatch, Winner of March’s Xyngular’s Body Transformation!"During my transformation, my coworkers and my clients began to take notice. I have since been asked to start a health and wellness group for our 100+ clients. My clients are actually excited to learn about health and many of them participate in daily exercise groups with me. Thank you Xyngular for these great products! My life has truly been transformed and I look forward to helping others transform their lives in the future!”

Anthony lost 37.4 pounds and 20.5 inches during the month of March. His story is below:

I decided in January when we found out my wife was expecting our first child that I was not going to get pregnant with her, meaning I didn’t need to gain weight as she gained. I love the energy I get from Igniting my life, and at work I am known as the shrinking man! All of a sudden, people at work are asking what I did to get in shape, and I now go to my daily job equipped with brochures and Xyng samples!”

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