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Congratulations to January’s Body Transformation Winners!

January’s Body Transformation Gina Hardy

Congratulations to Gina Hardy and Brhianna DeWitt, the winners of Xyngular’s January Body Transformation Challenge! As winners of the monthly challenge, both Gina and Brhianna earned $500 cash and a free box of XYNG samples!

“I completed the 29 day challenge, and during my Transformation I lost 21 pounds and 41.5 inches! I am AMAZED at what Xyngular has done for me, my family, my students, teams and scouts! After having been told by the doctors that I could not exercise due to my 3 uterine surgeries, uterine hernia and finally a ruptured uterus, I was lost, depressed and letting myself go.

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These products have given not only me my life back, but it is Transforming my entire family

January’s Body Transformation Gina Hardy

I went to the doctor 2 months ago and was told I weighed 265 pounds and needed to do something. I started trying to be more cautious with my health but I needed more, and I found Xyngular. When I started this challenge, I weighed 257. Since I have started, not only did I lose weight and inches; I lost the depression! I am enjoying life, being more engaged with my students, basketball team, scouts and my family. I am more active now than I can remember, I have my smile back, I am confident, and I am FREE!

I know I CAN and WILL accomplish what I set out to do, and I will help others get healthy along the way. These products have given not only me my life back, but it is Transforming my entire family. I enrolled my parents. Dad (age 73) has degenerative discs, is a cancer survivor and has horrible arthritis. He’s really starting to feel great! Mom (age 66) is spending over $400/month for various health things. She too is having phenominal results and they will continue with the program.

My fiance will be joining us in February and started his Transformation yesterday and lastly our children! Both of my sons have had phenomenal results from using Xyngular products as well. Xyngular saved our lives!”

Brhianna lost 8.6 pounds and 9.85 inches during January’s challenge.

January’s Body Transformation Brhianna

“First off, I want to say what a journey! These products have changed my life. I will never be able to tell you how thankful I am for that. This last month has been filled with ups and downs. I have learned to eat better and actually have learned a lot about nutrition. I never knew before “how” to eat healthy. Now I have the knowledge to make healthy decisions when it comes to what I put in my body.

I had severally stumbles along the way. However, I now have the tools to get myself back on track. I have started to enjoy exercising. I look forward to a workout. This program and these products have forever changed my life both physically and mentally. My biggest accomplishment this month was I finally slid out of the “morbidly” obese catagory and into the just “obese.” I still have a long way to go but I now know I can get there!

Xyngular’s Body Transformation Challenge is still going, and you can enter anytime! For more details, click here.

Gina Hardy and Brhianna DeWitt
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