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Xyngular Paid For My Trip of A Lifetime

Bramdee and Jeff Clark: Xyngular Paid For My Trip of A Lifetime

Xyngular is much more than weight loss...Xyngular is a lifestyle! Brandee and Jeff Clark recently took a trip to Australia and New Zealand (which was highlighted in June's Momentum Magazine), and Jeff got to take the "hunt of a lifetime" due to the extra Xyngular income. Below is his take on the amazing adventure:

This April, my wife surprised me with a hunt of a lifetime in the mountains of New Zealand. For those of you that are hunters you know that country is famous for and for those of you non-hunters the country of New Zealand holds the world’s largest Red Stag in the entire world and I was about to get my chance to hunt one of the hunting world's top prizes.

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 I want to thank my wife who planned and funded the trip of a lifetime all with her added income from her Xyngular business

After a lengthy plane ride we arrived in NZ, rented a car and went off to meet my local guide at a nearby town and then head off for the high country. My guide was a local named Croc Adams and as it turned out we got along great and he was a great guide. He was professional and knowledgeable, and with the help of my Xyngular products and fitness program I came close to keeping up with him (I said close).

We arrived at base camp by truck and then loaded gear and set out down the river valley to glass both sides of the mountain range for stag bulls. We spotted many in a couple of hours but not what we were looking for until later that afternoon. Once we spotted him we developed a plan and up the mountain we climbed and climbed and climbed. I fully believe that without the Xyngular products, my recovery aerobic capacity wouldn’t have served me as well and my hunting performance would have deteriorated fast.

We climbed within 713 yards and I laid down across my pack and squeezed the trigger of my and sent a round down range that put him down. Needless to say walking up on that stag was nothing short of every hunter's dream. The next day I also harvested a Mountain Tahr, another prized trophy for any hunter.

I want to thank my wife who planned and funded the trip of a lifetime all with her added income from her Xyngular business. Her Xyngular business has enriched our lives so much, allowing us to do things that would not be financially possible otherwise and helping others gain their health and wellness along the way.

Brandee and Jeff Clark

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