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Tammie Glowacki: Xyngular Has Given Me A New World

Tammie Glowacki: Xyngular Has Given Me A New World

I spent 27 years as a law enforcement supervisor, and I worked and earned a great retirement doing it. It was the perfect job for me, even though it’s definitely not for everybody. I loved my job and I loved the people I worked with. When I retired, I was ready to be a mom and be a bride to my husband. I have 2 boys, ages 13 and 11, and I was ready to spend more time with them and my husband and be home more.

I feel like Xyngular is this great blessing that I just stumbled into. Originally, I saw Tracy Ousley post about Xyngular on Facebook. She looked great, and she got my interest, so I reached out and asked about what she was doing. She just looked healthy and vibrant and seemed like her skin was just glowing.

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I am just so grateful Xyngular came into my life. I feel like a new world came to me just as my old world of work was closing.
5 years ago, I never would have done this, but today I am fully engaged and loving it.

My sons do travel baseball, so about a month went by but when I saw Tracy again, I knew I had to do whatever she was doing. In January 2013, I bought Xyngular products and lost 7.6 pounds in 8 days. I never needed to lose much weight, so to me it was more about the way I was feeling. I just feel amazing! My body feels great, I have energy and focus, it’s just like I feel more alive. I ended up losing 13 pounds and never gaining any of it back.

When I share Xyngular and build my business, I always make sure people know it’s more than just weight loss. People lose weight, but it’s all about overall health and making your body feel good again.

I had never done anything like network marketing before. I started out listening to every Corporate Call and reading every testimonial I could get my hands on. I earned a trip to Sundance, which I’ll be taking soon and I’m very excited for.

I also do a lot of 3-way calls, and I don’t give up on anybody. It took me a few months before it finally clicked for me and I gained such a passion for it. Now, I’ve hit the Dash for Cash bonus twice, and I’m making over $2,000 monthly doing something that I absolutely love to do.

The best part is, for me it’s not about money. I have a great retirement plan already, but Xyngular is helping me help others. I have a Xyngular bank account that pays for my products for my whole family. I am able to go to Xyngular events and not have to worry about the money.

People always knew I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing when I retired, so everyone wants to know what I’m doing now, and it opens so many conversations about my Xyngular business. I do Xyngular because I know the products work, and I love it. I love the people, the relationships, and everything I’ve accomplished so far.

Tammie Glowacki

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