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Tom Gilles: Xyngular Has Changed Everything

Tom Gilles: Xyngular Has Changed Everything

Before Xyngular, my health and finances were spiraling out of control. Financially, I was $3000 indebted to a relative, in a seasonal slump in my private baseball/softball instructional business, driving a worn out Dodge truck with 200,000 miles, and dealing with court proceedings against my renter for non-rent payments.

On top of that I was over 30 pounds overweight with a bum knee and very stressed with low energy. Through prayer I was able to weather the storm and face these many challenges head on.

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I was broke financially, overweight and living month-to-month.
Stepping ahead 40 months, my commissions were over $10,000 monthly.

At age 47, I was broke financially, overweight and living month-to-month. Then, Xyngular came into my life! In my first 8 days on the Ignite system I lost 14 pounds and 3 inches off my waist and felt great. Now looking at a positive future, I began to work part-time and share my story. In my first 4 months I lost 31 pounds while using the products. I earned a free trip to Sundance in my 3rd month with the Company and my commissions were over $1900 in my 4th month.

I began building a organizational team to ensure my success. In the months that followed, the daily checks started coming in the mail. Once again, the future had great promise. At first year-end, all financial concerns had been resolved. I purchased a new Dodge Truck on February 28th, 2011. Stepping ahead 40 months, my commissions were over $10,000 monthly.

Enjoying financial independence I was able to take 8 weeks off and hunt and fish with a dear friend, Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins. During that period of time I was paid over $17,000.00 in residual earnings.

Currently, at 51 years old, I am retiring this May from my baseball/softball instructional business. Xyngular has paid me over $200,000 in 49 months and I’m looking forward to focusing on my home based business, changing lives and building wealth so in the future I will have the time-freedom to own a farm and have an mentoring program for children in the great outdoors.

Xyngular has proven to provide me a life of freedom both physically and financially. My mission is to help people do the same. I wholeheartedly believe Jim Rohn's statement,

Anyone can change their life in 2-5 years if they wish to.

Tom Gilles

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