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Tanya Borchelt: My Family is My Why

Xyngular Testimonial: Tanya Borchelt: My Family is My Why

"Desperate to find something to help supplement our income but hard pressed for time as a mom of 4, ages 9, 5, 4, and 3, I have been super blessed by the opportunity that Xyngular has provided for our family.

My husband Jeff wanted to lose weight and I wanted him to be happy. Back in June of 2012 we decided to change our lives and to date he has lost 65 pounds. Since the start of my lifestyle transformation, I have balanced my hormones that doctors, medical procedures, and other supplements could not fix! 

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The kids are healthier than ever; we went from having sick visits several times a month to only having had ONE in 18 months!

The products have truly been life changing! I know what these products can do and have done for my family and friends and I want nothing more than to pass that gift onto others.

I am a super shy person and have had to step outside my comfort zone, reach deep inside, and share my heart out. It is not as easy for me without a huge weight loss story, but I am not letting that get in my way. I am continuing to work on myself and grow my team by staying plugged in, duplicating my amazing team leaders, and staying focused on why I got started in the first place; my family.

I have earned an all-expense paid trip to Utah for my husband and I, I have earned a $500 cash bonus, as well as monthly bonuses that are helping my husband and I get out of debt! I am blessed to do this from home and be able to stay home with our kids during the day, all while paying off one credit card at a time!

Knowing that I work for a company that has integrity and stands behind their products, am surrounded by amazing friends and leaders, and that I am sharing something I am truly passionate about, has carried through into a successful business.

Tanya Borchelt
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