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Val Virgen: “Going for No” Has Changed My Mindset

Val Virgen: Xyngular “Going for No” Has Changed My Mindset

“When Marc Walker challenged Distributors to “go for no,” I felt like he was talking to me. Then Dave Stewart came to a meeting and reinforced it, and I knew I had to start doing this. Dave told me that I can’t just build my business on Facebook alone, and even though Facebook has been very instrumental in my Xyngular business, I knew I needed to start going for no.

I have never felt like I'm a great salesperson, but I love that at Xyngular, you do not have to sell. People need what we have. I’m a big believer in relationships, and I love to build connections with people and the conversation naturally goes towards Xyngular because I have lost 84 pounds and feel so much better.

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I’m still growing, I feel like going for no has been great to expand my business

Because Xyngular has allowed me to become a stay-at-home mom, I had started to stay home more and not get out and share my business as much. I was doing it exclusively through Facebook, but when I got challenged to “go for no,” I started walking my kids to the bus stop and meeting other moms here in my neighborhood. Just through doing that, I enrolled 2 new Distributors.

Just the other day, I was at the mall buying some workout clothes, and when the cashier and I started talking about health, I showed her my “before” picture, which I keep on my phone, and told her how I have lost 84 pounds. The lady behind us was excited and wanted more information about Xyngular. It is through things like this that I have been “going for no,” and I have signed up 19 people already this year. Even though I’m still growing, I feel like going for no has been great to expand my business.”

Val Virgen

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