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Laura Falconbery: Extra Income, Less Pain, and More Activities With My Daughter

Laura Falconbery: Extra Income, Less Pain, and More Activities With My Daughter

After serving 13 years in the United States Army, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was living in almost constant pain before Xyngular was introduced into my life. I woke up on day 4 of my lifestyle change feeling about 85% pain free.

The absence of pain has allowed me to participate in activities with my 2 year old daughter that had become a problem prior to Xyngular. I have also noticed such an improvement with my skin, hair and nails as well. Secondly, the extra income of around $2,000 each month that this has brought into my life has been a true blessing.

Xyngular has been such a blessing in my life. Not only has it provided me an additional income and a virtually pain-free life, it has allowed me to help others improve their health also.

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I have lost 15 pounds and 1 pants size since starting Xyngular.

I was able to achieve my success thus far by following my upline, Tyrone Parker’s advice and by duplicating the system. I throw Transformation parties twice a week, I advertise on social media, and I even approach people in public places to discuss the opportunities that Xyngular has for them. Some other things that I have done include having vinyl decals on my back window as well as having a yard sign up at my home to advertise my Xyngular business.

I would tell those trying to do the same to remember that this company really allows you to HELP others with these products. Keep that in mind when reaching out to people. As Robert Kiyosaki said: “Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.” I would tell you to do what you see the successful people in the company doing. They have already done the leg work by trial and error. Duplicate the systems they have already formulated for us. In short, duplicate the system and focus on serving more people!

Laura Falconbery

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