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Marcia Sollie is “Going for No!”

Xyngular Testimonial: Marcia Sollie is “Going for No!”

Whether shoe shopping, pumping gas, getting her nails done, or anywhere else, Marcia Sollie is determined to “Go for No” and it is transforming her business!

“When I heard Marc Walker tell us to go for no on his President’s Call, I decided I was going to do it. I decided I was going to take the “T” off “can’t” and put my mind to it and just make things happen. I knew that this wasn’t up to my upline or downline, but to me. I’ve always heard the phrase “If it is to be it is up to me” and I decided to make this happen.

With all the health and weight loss benefits that Xyngular products have provided me, it makes it hard to not share. I feel like everyone needs to know about what they’ve done for me, and everyone deserves to feel the way I feel. It’s about much more than money to me, it’s about lives that can be changed.

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With all the health and weight loss benefits that Xyngular products have provided me, it makes it hard to not share.

Every day, I check in with Joanne Wolff, and we say we have “ten pennies” that we need to get rid of before we can sleep that night, meaning we need to talk to ten people about Xyngular. Throughout the day, we text each other and let each other know how we’re doing.

At first, I had a hard time going up to strangers. It sometimes is still intimidating, but I think back to when I was a little girl and used to say I couldn’t do something. My mother and grandmother would tell me “Can’t never did anything” and I realize I need to change my mindset and just do it.

Just the other day, I was getting my nails done and was able to share Xyngular with several people there. Then I went to buy new shoes, and the people there asked where I was heading now and asked how I’m able to travel so much, which made it easy to share Xyngular! They were amazed that I get to go on these trips for free, and several people were interested. As I left the store, I saw a woman struggling to get up from a chair, and I ended up helping her up. When she told me she was in constant pain, I was thrilled to share Xyngular with her and she had tears in her eyes as she thanked me for stopping.

Even pumping gas recently I was able to meet someone and talk about Xyngular. Everywhere I go, I make sure to have an open mind and not pre-judge, because you never know who needs what we have. Going for no has completely changed my mindset and my business!

Marcia Sollie

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