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Garry Root: Enjoying My Life Pain Free!

Garry Root: Enjoying My Life Pain Free!

Four years ago, at the age of 62, I suffered a massive heart attack. I went into cardiac arrest twice on the way to the hospital, once in the emergency room, and a fourth time on the operating table. Two of my arteries were 95 and 99 percent blocked, one of which was the infamous “widow maker”.

That night, I thought back to my father who also suffered a devastating heart attack, with serious damage to his heart, who for the next twenty four years was in and out of hospitals, his life never the same. Later that night my cardiologist gave me the news I never expected to hear, that there had been no damage to my heart. I had been given a second chance at life and I wasn’t about to screw it up. Never again did I want to see the scared look in the eyes of my wife, children, and mother..

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It was like magic, the more I took the products the better I felt and my foot was healing.

So I went to cardiac rehab, became their model patient, exercised, ate right, and became a runner. I was going to run like a crazy person to defeat heart disease, and two years later I ran my first half-marathon. Shortly after this race, I began suffering with plantar fasciitis. To most people it’s painful and a nuisance, to me it felt like I was losing my life. I tried everything to get fixed, the miracle shot which left me pain free for exactly one day, taping , 6 months of rehab, shoe orthotics, and hundreds of dollars to allow me to walk but not run for more than 3 miles.

Then Joanne Wolff entered our lives. My wife, Sue and two of our friends decided they were going to lose weight and become healthy on Xyngular products. Me being the supportive husband, said sure I’d try some of the products.

It was like magic, the more I took the products the better I felt and my foot was healing. I ran 37 miles in July, 68 miles in August, 118 miles in September, 169 miles in October and am now running pain free and running fast (for an old guy). This March, I will be running in the L.A. Marathon, from Dodger Stadium to the ocean at Santa Monica, thirty pounds lighter, pain free, and a lean mean running machine thanks to Joanne and Xyngular.

Garry Root

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