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Laci Friend: Stay-at-Home Mom Millionaire - $1 million in earnings at Xyngular

Laci Friend: Stay-at-Home Mom Millionaire - $1 million in earnings at Xyngular

When Laci Friend received word that she was about to cross the $1 million mark in lifetime earnings at Xyngular, she did what anybody else would have in her situation: she almost fell out of her chair.

“I honestly didn’t think we were halfway to that mark,” she says in a recent conversation from her Wichita, Kansas home. “I was stunned. I was shocked, even.” “If you’d have told me I would have made a-million dollars in my entire lifetime, I would have laughed at you. I would not have believed it.”

Laci had never tried network marketing before Xyngular. The idea alone - becoming a millionaire in less than three short years - was a little hard to wrap her head around.

That said, she knows exactly why it happened.

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Xyngular has helped her toward that goal, as she’ll be speaking to entire crowds of people on a regular basis.

“The one thing I want others to understand is that this was clearly not me who did this,” she says of her achievement. “God gave me the most incredible team, most of who I did not know well and were not my close friends in the beginning. I’ve been blessed.”

Because those on Laci’s team have kept their focus exactly where she feels it ought to be—helping others to change their lives by getting healthier, then supporting them in the long term - every single one of them is succeeding.

And for Laci, a mother of three, she’s seen some of her biggest dreams come true. For example, not very long ago, she didn’t even like to speak in public. Now? She’s preparing to leave to Africa to fulfill a lifelong dream: helping start a women’s ministry with her church there.

“Our vision for ourselves is so narrow. God wants so much more for us. He worked on me and said, ‘Here, you need to speak more and be more confident.’ Now I get to do this, sharing with people in a third world country. Without Xyngular, I would have never been equipped for that.

Offering up some statistics on her own team, Laci points out that nearly 50 have earned a career total of $100,000 or more. What’s more, in the seven levels attached to her team, she lets on they’ve been able to introduce Xyngular to 17,756 individuals. And it’s all because they had something they wanted to share.

“That’s powerful to see. It’s not me, it’s all of us.”

They’ve never lost their focus, my team. And it’s easy to do so once you are somewhat successful in this business. The carrot is always dangling with more incentives and bonuses, and of course we all want that. But, at the end of the day, the main thing is still the main thing. We started this to change our lives. That’s what they’re so good at. They are continuing to believe this is a blessing and a gift. And it is, it truly is.”

She hopes her success will help teach her children to believe in their dreams. That, if you have a dream and really go for it, you can see it become a reality. It’s been one surprise and blessing after another in this company and Laci doesn’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

As for the future, her passion for helping will continue. Her dreams will grow bigger. And she’ll continue to share what came her way in the first place, over and over again.

“If they’re ready, great. If they’re not, that’s okay. We’re only responsible for sharing it,” she says of the Xyngular opportunity. “You can offer it as a gift … but you cannot make them open it.”

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