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Karen Lunan: My Husband and I Have a New Lifestyle and Are Down 170 Pounds

Karen Lunan: My Husband and I Have a New Lifestyle and Are Down 170 Pounds

In November, 2012, a visit to my doctor revealed that everything was high. Triglycerides, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. Plus I was pre-diabetic as well! I went into a deep depression and ignored my doctors instructions to do something about my health before I had a heart attack, eating my way through the holidays. On January 1st, 2013, I saw a Facebook post from someone that had lost 38 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. That was enough to spark my attention and start researching.

I found Cathy Wattnem and through several phone calls and Facebook messages got enough information to decide to attend a Transformation Party. My husband is always the biggest skeptic so instead of telling him about the party I told him we were having a date night! Chuck had been suffering from depression having lost his job of 28 years in February of 2011. I knew that if I told him about this event he wouldn’t attend. So we got in the car and drove 1 hour into town (we live in a pretty rural area of Washington state), and attended the party.

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In my first 8 days I lost 14 pounds and my husband lost 20 pounds. We couldn’t believe it!

When we arrived at the restaurant I gave Chuck a brief synopsis of the event and dragged him into the restaurant. As you can imagine, he wasn’t very happy with me. We listened to the presentation and tested the samples. I knew before I got there that we were signing up. Chuck balked with the excuse that we couldn’t afford it because he wasn’t working. My argument was that there was no risk because of the 30 day money back guarantee and I promised him that I would get our products paid for. So we both signed up with the Ultimate Transformation Pack.

Chuck only signed up with the intent of sending the products back to get his money back. As we carried our BIG RED BOXES out to the car you can only imagine the earful I got about date night!

We spent 3 days eating and reading and getting prepared. It was a huge lifestyle change for us because we ate out a lot. So we cooked our food and portioned everything in to baggies and containers, ready for Monday. In my first 8 days I lost 14 pounds and my husband lost 20 pounds. We couldn’t believe it! Even better was the energy we both had. Instead of spending the evening on the couch we were working on all kinds of projects. Through proper nutrition and a healthier diet and lifestyle, Chuck no longer had acid reflux, no longer going through a bottle of over the counter acid relief pill every three days, and he no longer fought with sleep apnea every night. I had pain relief from a back injury and my depression was gone! I was motivated and energized and started sharing my results with people on Facebook. In just 9 days I had our products paid for!

In June, 2013, I went back to the doctor for a checkup. Instead of getting the phone call to come back in and discuss the results from my blood work, I got the message that everything is in the normal range.

It has been an amazing journey on this program. We have met the nicest, most supportive people with positive, inspiring attitudes. We have earned two “100% expenses paid for” trips through the company that sent us to 5 star resorts. We also attended Xyngfling in Vegas in July of 2013 where we got incredible training and built long-lasting relationships with others in the company. I was lucky enough to be picked for the money box and won $461 in Vegas!

As of November of 2013, Chuck & I have lost a combined total of 170 pounds. Needless to say, Chuck didn’t send his products back and we take them every single day. I truly feel like we have gotten our lives back. With the support of our upline, Cathy & Shan Wattnem, Joanne Wolff, Tami Castronovo and Toni McClinton we continue to work and grow our business. We attend and/or host parties. I set up at trade shows, fairs and anyplace they let me have a table. Facebook and using 3 ways calls have been huge in growing our business!

This business has opened doors and built friendships that we will have for the rest of our lives. We have created a steady income that is constantly increasing enabling me to work from home! We were so blessed to have found Xyngular!

Karen Lunan
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