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Before Body Transformation, I was always depressed about being overweight

Xyngular Testimonials: Before Body Transformation, I was always depressed about being overweight

My life began to change when I decided to enter the wonderful world of Xyngular! Before entering the Body Transformation, I was always depressed about being overweight and the death of my mother. Because of this event (the death of my mother), I developed an emotional asthma and a terrible cough that no medication would get rid of. This caused me to go to the hospital on two occasions since the asthma became bronchial and I also suffered from high pressure due to the medicine I was taking.

As if that wasn’t enough, my right knee started to give me problems with swelling and bone displacement which would cause me to have terrible pain when trying to fit the bone back into place. I thought that there was no solution to any of my problems until I saw a picture of my beautiful leader, Yazmin Ramos, and I saw how much weight she had lost.

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Lydia Rojas was the winner for January’s Body Transformation, earning $500 as well as a 60-count Xyng!

Even though I wasn’t convinced at first, I called her and ordered my first kit and began my body transformation challenge in January. I was still doubtful then because I had tried everything and nothing worked for me, but I shortly began to see the change in my weight and waist size!

I was so excited that I then ordered the Global Blend, Xyng and Axion! After 9 days, I realized that the cough went away and I also did not have knee pain or the bad headaches which I previously needed medication for. As time went by, I continued to lose weight and inches for a total of 25 pounds in January. Today I can tell the whole world that Xyngular products are not only there to help you lose weight but they are also an essential aid for our everyday health. Just as I have been able to change, I know that there are many people out there that need Xyngular in their lives and this is why I share my story wherever I go and how thankful I am for these products. I am the product of my products. I know that YOU can also succeed!

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