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Keys to Transformation Success By Product Development Manager

Xyngular Product Development Manager Peter Griscom

A successful total body, mind and lifestyle transformation can be a difficult thing to achieve. Many people who embark on a transformation challenge do not know where to begin and because of this, many never even start.

I am a firm believer in having a clear set approach and strategy to tackling any and all goals and as such, below are my 6 steps to transformation success.

Determine “Why” and “Why Not”

While most people are familiar with the principle of determining their “why”, most do not determine their “why not”. Your “why not” is defined as the stumbling blocks or obstacles that have prevented you from achieving your goal before. The reason for determining this “why not” is not to discourage or to place blame, but to better allow you to understand your own weaknesses and shortcomings.

Admitting the reasons behind your failed weight loss or health transformation are solely your responsibility will allow you to address these issues properly, preventing a repeat of prior stumbles. When you couple the “why not” with a positive “why”, the result is a clearly defined reason you want this transformation and a picture of key stumbling blocks to your success.

Always Have a Strategy

At Xyngular we provide the majority of this step for you, giving you access to diet plans, exercise regimens (coming soon), and a clear and effective supplement regimen. All that is left for you is to fill in the blanks. When will I prepare my meals? How will I avoid my “why not” pitfalls throughout my transformation? How do I keep my “why” as my sole focus throughout the transformation process?

You should strive to ask, and provide a solution to, key challenging questions as you begin your transformation and throughout the duration. Having this individualized strategy allows you to better take on the challenges you face on a day to day basis that threaten to derail your progress (i.e. What am I going to do if I have to attend a lunch or can’t take my food with me? How will I maintain my healthy eating?). Lastly, make sure your strategy is one you can commit to sticking to and if you need to make slight modifications, do so before beginning.

Always Have Support

In every goal I have ever set and accomplished, there has been a clear group of people who supported me and aided me in my success. While you may think you are dedicated enough or you can do this on your own, let me assure you that it is easier and more rewarding to share the experience with a group of core supporters.

I recommend sharing your goals with positive, upbeat people who want you to succeed and have a vested interest in seeing you achieve that success. Encourage these people (friends, family, trainer, etc.) to hold you accountable to your goals and to not let you off the hook. The famous coach John Wooden once said “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” With that in mind, pick your support structure wisely and make sure they are people who will lift you up and not bring you down. Your support can, and should, be based on your “why not” analysis done earlier.

This means admitting the areas where help is needed for you to succeed, which can be a difficult and humbling task. I have found 10x greater success when I employed this method than without it in all of my endeavors because it allows your core support structure to provide support exactly where you need it the most. If you do not feel comfortable admitting your weak areas or shortcomings to your core support, then you are not surrounding yourself with the right people.

Mindset Is Key!

If you approach your transformation with a nonchalant, haphazard attitude, then your results will be less than stellar. If you approach your transformation with a defeatist attitude thinking nothing could possibly work for you, then you will fail. If you approach your transformation with a skeptical attitude you will see mediocre results because you are hesitating and questioning every decision.

You MUST approach your transformation with a fire and an almost obsessive desire for success and your goal. You MUST believe that if you put in the work and fully commit to the program that you will see massive success. Mindset is often the determining factor in a transformation. Set yourself up for success and ensure that you are in the right place mentally so that your time, effort and money is not wasted. Even with a defeatist attitude, you could still see some short-term success, but the true long-term success will never occur. You must have a tenacious attitude and an unshakable desire to achieve your goal, no matter the obstacle.

Action, Action And More Action!

Obviously this is the most important step. All of the above steps are important but without decisive action, they are worthless. I would prefer to see someone jump in and take the first step towards a transformation and then figure everything else out 100 times more than the alternative.

When you take action right away, it prevents the second guessing and questioning that leads to half commitments or no commitment at all. You must commit fully and take decisive, immediate action on that commitment. When it comes to your transformation, it doesn’t matter what day of the week you start or whether you have all the answers right away, all that matters is that you jump in and give all of your effort. Remember, “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Build the new with overwhelming action!

Success And After Success

At some point you will follow through and reach your goal. So what now? The key is to remain as determined and as hungry as you were at the very beginning of your transformation. You cannot let off the gas just because you’ve achieved your initial goal. Set a new goal that is bigger and more ambitious than the initial goal. Keep pushing forward or you will fall backwards. When you achieve success do not stop to pat yourself on the back. You can be proud of your accomplishments until now but you have to always understand that you can do more.

Success is your obligation and achieving your maximum potential is where true success lies. I am by no means saying you should not be happy with what you have accomplished, but do not let that happiness and pride become a stumbling block on your path to greater success. There is no limit to what you can achieve through hard work and constant decisive action.

While all of the above things are keys to success in a body transformation, they are also integral to your overall success in business, and life as a whole. Allow these principles to guide you through your transformation and keep them in mind as you approach other life goals as well.


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