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Greet strangers as friends, and opportunity is sure to follow

You’ll never have to talk to anyone in your “cold market” where people don’t trust you if you bring everyone you meet into your “warm market” first. Remember if relationships come first, opportunity will follow.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise or to Disneyland or Disneyworld, you’ll recognize that these places are some of the “happiest places on earth.” The staff is trained to see everybody as an honored guest. In the magic kingdoms, every employee is called a “cast member.” Their smiles and warm greetings are contagious. Cruise ships go out of their way to hire staff who are good at treating people with honor and respect and making them feel at home.

Make Friends First

You’ll have no trouble building this or any other business if you develop the habit of making “friends first.”

When you do this with no other motive than friendship and respect, you disarm people. You set them at ease and help them to relax and open up to you. They don’t have to be on their guard and wonder what you’re peddling. You can learn about what they really want out of life and if their goals and dreams align with Xyngular even before you mention Xyngular.

Ask yourself, where does the money come from that builds your Xyngular business? From people who respect and trust you.

Think of every opportunity you have become involved with throughout your life. How many of them were built on respect, trust, and friendship? Have you ever been persuaded to take advantage of any opportunity in your life without first forming relationships of trust and friendship? Treating people with respect and friendship is the gateway to opportunity. You’ll always have plenty of money and opportunity if your natural reaction to strangers is to immediately make them into friends.

Is this manipulation? No. Why? Because you’re respecting them first by getting to know them, their wishes, preferences, and lifestyle. We all want to be honored and respected. We want to feel comfortable and trust those we choose to work with. We want to get to know people we can share our goals and dreams with. It's easy to build trust when you treat everyone you meet like friends.

Whenever a stranger treats you like a friend first and becomes interested in you and what you think, somehow you can’t help but get interested in them.

So if you want to share Xyngular with someone, or even your ideas, convictions, or beliefs; start with becoming a friend first. Become someone who has never met a stranger. Think of those you meet as though they are family or an honored guest. You’ll immediately set people at ease and begin to build trust. And what naturally follows? Opportunity!

The more you practice building friendships with strangers, no matter where you are, you’ll start to see yourself forming relationships with people with very different cultures, beliefs and economic situations. Yet, if you are friends there won’t be any tension between you. There will only be respect and true friendship. Opportunity is sure to follow with some of them.

Action Steps:

  1. This month, treat everyone you meet like a friend. You will be surprised by the opportunities that will naturally follow. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to share Xyngular with them once you invest some time in getting to know them.
  2. Try using the F.O.R.M. acronym to help you create a friendship. Ask about F: their family. Then ask about O: their occupation. Ask them about R: their favorite forms of recreation. Only when you’ve successfully made it through 3 letters … F, O, and R … can you try delivering M or your message. If you learn things in the F, O, or R that suggest that Xyngular may not be right for them, skip the message but keep the friendship. Mastering the habit of creating relationships with everyone can lead to important opportunities.
  3. When you’re attending meetings, arrive early and meet people you don’t know. Stay after the meeting and mingle. The meetings before and after the meeting may be the most important part of the event.
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