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Carb Cycling - Xyngular Products Development Manager

Carb Cycling - Xyngular Products Development Manager

When I first came to Xyngular, the most common question was “What do I do after the Ignite program?”

In response to this very common question, the Xyngular Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), including myself, set out to design the best plan possible for our Distributors to follow after Ignite. After months designing and testing new plans with different Distributors, employees, etc, we finally decided on a modified Carb-cycling plan that is now the new, very aptly named, Post-Ignite plan.

Carb-cycling (Cyclic Ketogenic Diet) is a nutrition plan for leaning out and losing fat that has been used for decades in the fitness world but is just now reaching the mainstream. It is the ideal way to lose fat, preserve muscle, and get healthy while still allowing you the freedom to exercise, have a “cheat” day, etc. Carb-cycling in the Post-Ignite is essentially a modified ketogenic style diet (high protein, high fat, low carb) which offers up several of the benefits of the state of ketosis without the pitfalls. When eating a high-carb diet, our bodies become inefficient at using fat for energy because of the readily available supply of carbohydrates. When we go low-carb, we force our bodies into a state referred to as ketosis, in which our body’s start breaking down body fat and using it as a fuel source.

There are several benefits to ketois but some of the highlights are as follows;

  1. Drastic increases in fat loss because body fat is the primary fuel source in this state.
  2. Ketosis has a muscle-sparing effect due to the high-protein nature of the diet and the body’s own affinity to utilize ketones (molecules generated during fat metabolism) over glycogen which can be synthesized from muscle through gluconeogenesis.
  3. Many people report decreased appetite while on a ketogenic style diet, which is due to the low-calorie nature of the diet.

What sets carb-cycling apart from a ketogenic diet is the re-feed or high carb day. After a couple days on the diet, our body’s glycogen stores in the liver and muscles are depleted and need to be replenished. At this point we incorporate a strategic high carb day to replenish these stores and, because our bodies are depleted, the majority of the carbohydrates we take in go to replenishing these stores. In addition, these high-carb days help boost a hormone called leptin, which is the most important fat-burning hormone in our body. Typically, as we diet, leptin levels drop as our bodies attempt to spare body fat, but re-feeding has been shown to significantly raise leptin levels and help our bodies maintain fat loss for a long period of time. In simple terms, we follow a couple low carb days with a high carb day according to the schedule mapped out in the Post-Ignite plan and we lose weight.

In addition to the Post-Ignite plan, we have also equipped our Distributors with a healthy shopping list comprised of whole food choices to add variety to the eating plan. While we were at it, the Xyngular SAB updated the Ignite plan as well to reflect the most recent nutritional science.

With all these changes and new materials, I am sure many Distributors will ask “Why change what worked so well?”

The reasoning behind the changes to the Ignite plan comes mainly from the need to be constantly on the leading edge of nutritional science. While carb-cycling has been around quite some time, through research and the development of the plan, we realized that we had the best sustained weight loss and body transformation results with the modified carb-cycling plan. With the Ignite plan, the changes are very subtle but do reflect the most recent science but have been yielding fantastic results.

Beyond the changes related to updating the plans, some we did out of necessity to maximize the results of new customers trying the plan for the first time. For example, over the months of trial and error with the updated Ignite, we found the best results and highest compliance when we removed the “Healthy Meal” from the plans due to the obvious fact that “healthy meal” is far too vague for a cleanse/ weight-loss jump start like the Ignite.

In addition to the new plans and updates working fantastic on their own, we also made sure to design the plans in a way to maximize their complementary effect.

The Xyngular SAB designed the Ignite and Post-Ignite plans to be run in a continuous fashion to maximize weight loss. Theoretically, this would mean days 1-8 are spent on the Ignite, day 9 is a “cheat” day, and on day 10 the Post-Ignite plan begins. This limits the number of times a person does the Ignite program significantly and this is done, as stated above, to preserve leptin levels, maintain compliance, and ensure maximum results each time someone does the Ignite program. While this effectively limits the number of times someone can Ignite, some may like to continue on the Post-Ignite plan for more than the scheduled 28 days, and this is perfectly acceptable. Due to the nature of the Post-Ignite plan, users can continue on it as long as they see fit without dropping too many calories to maintain energy and weight loss. In addition, due to the cheat day every week and the high carb days, the Post-Ignite plan is typically very easy to follow on a continuous basis and it allows for vigorous exercise at any point throughout.

Here are my top 5 tips for maximizing results on the new plans:

  1. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. This rule should apply across the board to everything you do. Never feel obligated to finish the recommended serving size.
  2. When eating to lose or maintain weight: Protein first, vegetables second, and grains & fruit last.
  3. Cook food ahead of time when possible to prevent cheating during the week.
  4. When on your cheat day, avoid sugar as much as possible.
  5. Sleep 8 hours a night to maximize results.
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