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President's Message September 2013

Xyngular President - Mark Walker

What a great summer we just had! We had two great promotions, the "July's Got Sole" promotion and the subsequent voting for the best Xyngular shoes and the Banner promotion where we gave away a ton of Xyngular Banners that will be displayed in homes and meetings all over the USA!

Now we are blowing up September and having a blast! We have new leaders emerging, tons of growth and excitement and I can’t think of a better time to be with Xyngular!

And yet, we are still just at the beginning stage of this great company’s growth. We haven’t even begun to show our potential and what we will become. Both as Distributors, and as individuals, I believe that each one of us has tremendous potential. In order to maximize that potential for us, and our organizations, we have to ensure we are doing the activities that will get us where we want to go, be persistent in doing these activities, and frequently remind ourselves of our mission.

We have a brilliant future ahead of us and whether you have been with Xyngular since we started, or just joined last night, you either are, or will be, the head of a large organization made up of many types of people. Sometimes, you will see people quit doing the things that are growing their business. You, as the leader of your organization should not be timid in stepping up and saying, “We are not doing very well on our true mission. What are our goals? What do we need to do to get there? We’ve rested on this plateau long enough. If we’re going to fulfill our destiny, we have to raise the bar.” When you say things like this to your team, it doesn’t mean that they’re not doing a great job and working hard right now. It doesn’t mean that they’re not put- ting in the hours. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to celebrate. But you must constantly ask yourself if your team is putting in the right hours and doing those activities that produce momentum. I’ve said this before but it is so critical that it bears mentioning again. Right now, at this time in Xyngular’s history, everything you do is magnified. Every minute you spend on your Xyngular business is magnified, every person you talk to will be magnified, every leader you develop is magnified. However, inactivity, or inefficient activity, is also magnified just as much as activities that produce momentum. Ensure each day is filled with momentum-inducing activities!

As Xyngular grows, I am sure you want your team to grow with us and to share in the excitement, growth and momentum. However, to ensure your group grows along with Xyngular, you are going to have to learn how to train, motivate, and inspire them with laser focus. Think about what your messages to your team must sound like right now so that they will be motivated and you will be training 20,000 people in a very short while. Your daily habits and preparations right now will determine when that will happen. You must be ready to realize any opportunity that comes along.

What we say and how we say it is going to resonate throughout our organizations. We need to be constantly working on ourselves to become more attractive, wiser, more powerful, and more respected.

To paraphrase what Jim Rohn often says, when you become attractive and powerful, you will attract and develop other attractive and powerful people. Powerful people will help us build our future faster and better. To do this we must constantly nudge ourselves out of our comfort zone. Our belief has to be rock-solid and always growing. We need to work on ourselves more than anything else. It may be hard, but if I’ve learned any- thing in the last 3 ½ years, I’ve learned that Xyngular Distributors can do amazing things.

One of our most important projects needs to be building the trust we have in one another. That’s why we put so much effort into getting together at meetings, events, and through the Passport Program. We need to know each other well so we can trust each other’s intentions and plow through any misunderstandings and miscommunication that may arise.

Leaders can’t afford to think that their responsibility ends when they sign someone up. We have to get new Distributors hooked on new ideas and powerful new ways of thinking that virtually guarantee success. It’s important for their success and ours.

There are long-term ramifications in every conversation we have with a new Distributor and new leader. Let’s have the vision, discipline, and courage to hold each other to these high standards for the sake of their future, our future, and the mission of Xyngular. The future is brilliant and it is ours if we stay the course!

Have a great month! MARC WALKER

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