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Keep Yourself Active With Long Lasting Energy Foods

Keep Yourself Active With Long Lasting Energy Foods

Do you often feel taking a nap between working hours, when you are supposed to meet the deadlines with enthusiasm? Well, you are definitely low on energy and you need something that can refresh your body and provide necessary energy. Taking sips of coffee or caffeine aerated drinks will not do any good to your energy level. It is important to feed your body some quality nutrition to prevent fatigue throughout the day.

One more thing you must keep in mind that merely focusing on the quality of food is not enough. You must take into consideration the right quantity that you intake. Otherwise, even energy food can leave you feeling heavy and dizzy. The drinks, snacks and side dish that you much in during the breaks severely affect your energy levels

For example, over consuming salty or fried food such as French fries, cheese burgers etc. can make your afternoon lazy. Thus, make sure you maintain a balance of healthy nutrition while choosing your meal options. A fresh green salad and grilled fish will not only provide your body with good proteins and vitamins, but also keep you active throughout the day. Let's take a look at some more foods that you can consume for long lasting energy.

1. Macadamia Nuts

Macademia nuts are high in protein, iron, fiber, magnesium and good fat. Most importantly they are having good antioxidant properties that make you lose all the toxins of your body, which is good for your digestion process. As far as taste is concerned, this luscious nut is rich in flavor and can be consumed as a healthy mid-noon snack without any worries. You can also add them in your milk smoothies or whole-grain crackers for a perfect breakfast menu.

2. Edamame or Soybeans

These traditional Asian edibles are rich source of carbohydrates, iron, good fat and proteins. Your body will won't feel hungry for a long time after consuming them, as they have the tendency to burn slowly, keeping you active for a long period. Eating just ½ cup of Edamame will fulfill the nutritional requirement that you get from 4-ounces of chicken breast. Edamame are easily available in the market in the form of both, frozen and fresh. You can eat them as the way you like and enjoy energy level for long time.

3. Salmon

We all know how delicious and nutritional Salmon is. There is no doubt that Salmon is one of the healthiest of all the sea food. It is loaded with high energy-promoting protein, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon helps to reduce body inflammation and give you relief from pains and aches. It is recommended to have at least two servings of Salmon per week for a healthy body and long lasting energy.

4. Kale

Kale has been rated as top all round vegetable by CSPI (The Center for Science in the Public Interest). It is a great source of Vitamin K and other essential minerals and vitamins. You can eat them boiled or simply sauté it with fresh green vegetables for a healthy mid-noon break. In order to make the food more delicious and energetic you can also cook it up with eggs and an olive oil coated with vinegar dressing to increase the level of protein and good fat. This will help you work enthusiastically for long hours.

5. Wild blueberries

Berries are yummy, but not everyone knows that Wild Blueberries have good antioxidants that are beneficial for healthy body. Researches have proved that wild berries are more healthy and nutritional than farm picked berries. They might look small, but are packed with highly dense nutrients. This is because these berries produce potent bioactive compound and rank quite low in sugar that makes it a perfect energy boosting food. You can blend together yogurt, milk, blueberries and honey to make a homemade protein and fat rich smoothie.

6. Almonds

Almonds are the most versatile nuts among all other nuts in this category. It can be used anytime during the year as a healthy snack option. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, Vitamin E, potassium and monosaturated fat. You can eat it raw or use it as a major ingredient in your everyday meal. Almonds not only give you a quick boost on energy, but are also good for cholesterol.

Xyngular Lasting Energy Pack

Xyngular Lasting Energy Pack

So, next time you feel lazy and need food for some quick and lost lasting energy, you can always grab either of these food items. They will make you feel active for long hours, much more than caffeine drinks. In case you can try to use Xyngular Lasting Energy Pack. This products package is made for those who suffer from insufficiency of energy throughout a day and need to replenish it. It contains products with keep your body in optimal nutritional balance which mean more stable energy for you.

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