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Announcing the Evolution of Xyng

Announcing the Evolution of Xyng

Xyngular products offer you the best weight loss results so that you can reach your goals in the shortest possible time. This outstanding supplement comes with astonishing benefits to ensure you a happy and healthy life.

We are really very excited to declare that we are adding up certain enhancements to this astonishing product, which will make it the best weight loss product of its kind. Its added scientifically-advanced formula is unique and groundbreaking.

Like all of our products, Xyngular was created and modified by our team of medical experts – Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). They eye basically on formulating the products, enhancing nutritional values and ensuring wellness. They are the ones to be accredited for the products that have so far accelerated the lives of more than tens of thousands of people.

The Newly Enhanced Xyng Formula

We have introduced a new Xyng formula that covers the following three areas of energy:
  • Physical Energy: Sustaining energy, increasing stamina, boosting up strength, improving vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Metabolic Energy: Burning fat quickly, reducing appetite, enhancing metabolism, controlling sugar and cholesterol, accelerating thermogenesis and increasing satiety.
  • Mental Energy: Balancing stress, compromising mood and increasing focus.

Each and every ingredients we use in Xyngular products are recommended, tested and verified by our Xyngular Scientific Advisory Board so that the effectiveness of Xyng’s energy, weight reduction and psychological adjustment always remains high. Our focus is always on the productivity of the product and that is the reason we can guarantee its effects.

The new Xyngular production formula is aimed at improving your energy, giving mood support, reducing cravings, increasing satiety and boosting up metabolism. It compromises with an active lifestyle. If you want to maximize the effects of Xyngular products, be proactive and lead an active life.

Identifying the New Xyng Formula

During the time when we developed our Xyng formula, we undertook several test projects to maximize the efficacy of our products. As part of that, we involved many of our Distributors and employees. We had them consume our new formula and we analyzed the results very carefully. The whole process took weeks; and we are happy to announce that we now have such a unique formula to offer that does not only functions better than our previous formulas, but also multiplies the benefits. So far, our new formula has out beaten our old formula. Numerous consumers have given us positive feedbacks on it.

Feeling the Benefits of the New Xyng

Users start feeling the effects of Xyngular products almost immediately. But, some of the ingredients used in our products may need some time to generate results. Effects like appetite suppression and mood controlling may need some time to come into effect. It is true that everyone has a different body mechanism. Therefore, some people may experience results immediately whereas others need time.

Pricing and Availability

The new formulae of Xyngular products will get shipped from June 1, 2013 onward. The new version of the product will be both available in 30 and 60 count versions. The 6 count version will get replaced by the current Xyng products. Users will get special discounts on the purchase of two 30 count boxes. The new price of the Xyng products is as follows:

  • 30 Count: $45/35PV
  • 60 Count: $86/70PV

With the price of Xyngular products going up, the PV is also increasing. The 30 count Xyng and Cyng samples offered now will be available throughout the end of the month (if the suppliy permits*). All the current auto-ships scheduled after June 1 will get adjusted with the 30 count Xyng. This offer includes Ignite Kits and all other Xyng packs.

* Europeand countries and Dominican Republic will continue receiving the existing Xyng formula until supplies end.

We are excited to hear from you about the benefits provided by the enhanced Xyng formula. This is not just another energy or weight loss pill. Xyng is the pill for daily life! Whether you need energy for work, mood enhancement for those long stressful days, or just want to help yourself look and feel great, Xyng is that extra boost you have been looking for!

It would be our pleasure to hear back from you about our products. Xyngular product is not some other energy or weight loss pills; it is a complete solution for your daily life. Xyngular is particularly effective for those who need energy to accomplish works, boost up moods or who want to look simply great. Xyng is the all in once solution for all your health problems.

If you have any questions or comments about the new Xyng, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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