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Keys to Transformation Success By Product Development Manager

Xyngular Product Development Manager Peter Griscom

A successful total body, mind and lifestyle transformation can be a difficult thing to achieve. Many people who embark on a transformation challenge do not know where to begin and because of this, many never even start.

I am a firm believer in having a clear set approach and strategy to tackling any and all goals and as such, below are my 6 steps to transformation success.

You Should Know About Fat Burning Products!

You Should Know About Fat Burning Products!

Fat burning products aren't new. They have been made use of by athletes and severe health club goers for various years as a strategy to lower weight and increase the intensity of their workouts.

There are many categories of fat burners, on the other hand probably the most well-known are referred to as thermogenic fat burners. These can also be recognized as ECA's an acronym from the three common components ephedra, aspirin and caffeine.

Caffeine and Ephedra are well-known stimulating elements that change up the core nervous technique. They could improve your blood circulation and heart rate. This has the effect of pumping additional blood via your method which causes your body heat to rise which in turn increases the price calories are burned.

The Best Weight Loss Products You Should Try

The best weight loss products you should try

One of the key requirements to remaining healthy is the use of the right foods and supplement nutrition. Most people suffering from weight gain issues have a problem with balancing their food and involving in activities that can balance body weight. However, with Xyngular products it is easier to nurture the body in a healthy state.

Xyngular products are considered to be the best in weight loss with money back guarantee. They are made up of natural supplements with a high amount of nutritional substances and natural vitamins that promote proper health. The products supplement the missing energy and also help remove any health problems. Below is a description of some of the health products.

Xyngular’s Essential Packs as Replacement for Some Old Packs

Xyngular Newest Essential Packs

Beginning January 2, 2014 the following packs will be discontinued: Ignite, Energy, Lifestyle, Wellness, Lasting Energy, Appetite Control, Daily Nutrition, Daily Detox, and Healthy Heart. If you currently have one of these packs on your Autoship, please take the appropriate steps mentioned below.

When it comes to describing supplementation, most consumers use words like “confusing” and “overwhelming.” More often than not, the supplement industry is confusing and overwhelming while providing complex solutions to simple questions. At Xyngular, one of our goals is to offer simple, incredibly effective product systems that are consumer-friendly. With this ideal in mind, we have condensed our product pack offering down its simplest form to make the transition from the Ultimate Transformation Pack or the new Ignite Pack to an “essential” pack that much easier.

First, all of the old personal nutrition packs will be going away. In their place we now have 3 essential packs; Energy, Weight Loss, Wellness.

Double Rapid Rewards and Free Xyng Promo

Double Rapid Rewards and Free Xyng Promo

To help finish 2013 in an unforgettable way, we’ve decided to hold one of our most lucrative promotions of all time!

From December 16th through December 31st, you can earn double your first level Rapid Rewards commissions for any new enrollee you sponsor with an Ultimate Transformation Pack (UTP) or Family Pack in their inception order!

Xyngular Spryng - Multipurpose Stimulant Energy Drink is Here

Xyngular Spryng - multipurpose stimulant energy drink

This past Friday marked the launch of Xyngular’s revolutionary multipurpose functional beverage, Spryng. Spryng is a leap forward in the way we think about energy, focus, hydration, immunity, recovery, and performance and comes in a fantastic Tropical Fusion flavor.

Fusing a wide variety of clinically-studied ingredients into an absolutely massive 7,138mg proprietary blend, Spryng is poised to take your body, mind, and business to the next level.

Tips to Maximize Your Exercise

Xyngular: Tips to Maximize Your Exercise

In preparation for our upcoming Xyngular exercise programs, I wanted to provide a couple quick and simple tips to help all of the people looking to begin exercising with this new plan. Below are 5 easy tips to ensure you get the most out of your new exercise regimen or your current one.

Xyngular’s New In Touch Mobile App Available November 1!

Xyngular’s New In Touch Mobile App Available November 1!

We are excited to announce that Xyngular’s new “In Touch” mobile application will be available for free download on Android devices November 1, and will shortly after be available for Apple devices.

This powerful contacting application gives you a quick and easy way to share Xyngular video content with your existing contact list and Facebook friends. The videos are organized into several distinct categories, making it easy to select which ones you would like to share. Then with the press of a button, you can send an email, text message or even post the content to directly to a friend’s timeline. This application also tracks your activity and will notify you when a contact watches a shared video.

Mangosteen - Queen of Fruits

Mangosteen - Queen of Fruits

(NaturalNews) The mangosteen, technically the purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), is the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree native to Indonesia. About the size of a tangerine, it has an inedible deep reddish-purple rind when ripe. The fragrant white flesh inside is juicy, sweet, tangy, and somewhat fibrous, like a peach. Because of the tree's susceptibility to cold temperatures, only a few trees have been successfully grown in the U.S., in extreme southern Florida. Most mangosteen fruit comes from Thialand, with some coming from similar climates in South America, such as Colombia.

Because the fruit itself is difficult to find here, most Americans get their mangosteen from juice, as the fruit doesn't have a long shelf life after being removed from the tree. It is also becoming available in frozen or dehydrated forms. Some mangosteen juice products are made using the whole fruit, including the inedible purple exocarp, or rind. By including polyphenols extracted from the rind, additional phytochemical value is added, such as xanthonoids and tannins, both offering many health benefits.

Greet strangers as friends, and opportunity is sure to follow

You’ll never have to talk to anyone in your “cold market” where people don’t trust you if you bring everyone you meet into your “warm market” first. Remember if relationships come first, opportunity will follow.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise or to Disneyland or Disneyworld, you’ll recognize that these places are some of the “happiest places on earth.” The staff is trained to see everybody as an honored guest. In the magic kingdoms, every employee is called a “cast member.” Their smiles and warm greetings are contagious. Cruise ships go out of their way to hire staff who are good at treating people with honor and respect and making them feel at home.

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