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Xyngular’s Essential Packs as Replacement for Some Old Packs

Xyngular Newest Essential Packs

Beginning January 2, 2014 the following packs will be discontinued: Ignite, Energy, Lifestyle, Wellness, Lasting Energy, Appetite Control, Daily Nutrition, Daily Detox, and Healthy Heart. If you currently have one of these packs on your Autoship, please take the appropriate steps mentioned below.

When it comes to describing supplementation, most consumers use words like “confusing” and “overwhelming.” More often than not, the supplement industry is confusing and overwhelming while providing complex solutions to simple questions. At Xyngular, one of our goals is to offer simple, incredibly effective product systems that are consumer-friendly. With this ideal in mind, we have condensed our product pack offering down its simplest form to make the transition from the Ultimate Transformation Pack or the new Ignite Pack to an “essential” pack that much easier.

First, all of the old personal nutrition packs will be going away. In their place we now have 3 essential packs; Energy, Weight Loss, Wellness.

1. Xyngular Essential Energy Pack:

Xyngular Essential Energy PackXyngular’s Essential Energy Pack is a leap forward in boosting your energy levels naturally. The Essential Energy Pack contains everything your body needs to improve performance, energy, focus, etc. and addresses energy in a comprehensive way. Xyngular’s Essential Energy Pack contains products that address all 3 major types of energy (Stimulant, Cellular, and Caloric) better than any other system to date.

What Products Essential Energy Pack Contains:

Who should use this:

Anyone feeling run down or tired who needs an extra boost to get through the day. This pack is ideal for anyone looking to improve their performance and energy levels.

2. Xyngular Essential Weight Loss Pack:

Xyngular Essential Weight-Loss PackXyngular’s Essential Weight Loss Pack is the pack you need for sustained healthy weight-loss. The Essential Weight Loss Pack contains 4 of our most powerful products for continued weight-loss success and provides your body the metabolic boost it needs for continued weight loss in addition to providing appetite suppression, meal replacement, calorie mitigation, etc. all in one easy-to-use pack.

What Products Essential Weight Loss Pack Contains:

Who should use this:

Anyone looking for sustained healthy weight loss. This pack provides the nutritional support your body needs for continued weight loss or weight maintenance.

3. Xyngular Essential Wellness Pack:

Xyngular Essential Wellness PackXyngular’s Essential Nutrition Pack is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. No one understands the damage done to our body’s intricate systems on a daily basis better than the Xyngular Scientific Advisory Board. In order to properly fight off the possible health repercussions of our nutrient deprived food, toxin laden air and water, etc. we need to properly address the nutritional gaps these scenarios create. Xyngular’s Essential Nutrition Pack is the solution and provides complete and balanced nutritional support that will keep you happy and healthy.

What Products Essential Wellness Pack Contains:

Who should use this:

Anyone looking for solid nutritional support should use this pack. The wellness pack fills nutritional gaps, addresses cellular health, fights free radicals, etc. and is incredibly easy to use.

The addition of the essential packs dramatically simplifies the dilemma of what to do after the Ultimate Transformation or Ignite Kits. These essential packs make the decision simple, while providing improved results and peace of mind knowing that you have exactly what you need for your unique goal.

In addition to these essential packs, we have also added Axion to the Ignite Pack. This is a monumental step in the right direction as Axion is the foundation that a healthier you is built on. Without Axion, your body will be missing key nutrients that are essential for long term health. The ramifications of daily multi-nutrient use is astounding, with an 8% reduction in total cancer reported in users of a multi-nutrient over the course of a 10+ year study period. The addition of Axion makes the Ignite pack a complete and balanced weight loss and health kit ideal for achieving any body transformation goals.

At Xyngular, one of our goals is to provide simple, effective solutions to complex problems with our products and systems. This goal requires that we constantly examine our packs, systems, and individual products and determine what changes need to be made. With this latest evolution Xyngular has lived up to this goal and simplified or packs yet again, getting us ever closer to our goal of “Health made simple.
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