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Marc Walker's "Go For No" Summer Challenge!

Top Reasons to Choose Xyngular Products for Weight Loss

As summer rolls around, it's the absolute best time to build your Xyngular business. People have more free time with their families, more activities that take extra energy (which we all need, especially in these busy summer months), and of course bathing suit weather.

Who do you know that wants to look better at the beach? Who do you know that needs extra energy to keep up with their kids all day? Who do you know that could use extra income to make that summer vacation extra special?

There are so many people we come across, both strangers and friends, every day that need what Xyngular offers. We all know people who want to feel better, look better, and have extra income. We need to give those people the opportunity to change their lives with Xyngular, and I wanted to kick summer off right with a "Go For No" challenge!

As I looked through different accounts, I noticed that those who took the “Go for No” Challenge earlier this year and had daily goals of 5-10 “no’s” per day had great growth in their first 4 levels. Think about it this way: If you decide to go for 4 “no’s” per day, that is good, especially if you had a hard time talking to people before. However, if you decide to increase your efforts and go for 8 “no’s” per day, would your business grow twice as fast? No! Your business wouldn’t just double or triple, it would increase exponentially.

Here is why: If you decide to talk to 4 more people each day, you would cover twice as many people the first month, but the next month, while you are talking to the same number of people, some of the people who came in the previous month would also start sponsoring new people—compounding your efforts. Then, while you are talking to the same number of people the following month, the people you talked to the previous month are sponsoring, along with the people from the month prior, along with THEIR new people.

Carry that process forward for several months and you can see that your efforts are magnified exponentially over time. This exponential multiplier is real. I have often said that consistency is one of the biggest secrets to growth. If you are talking to people every single day about Xyngular, it will do more than almost anything else you could do to help build your group.

Conversely, inconsistency will hurt your growth as you empty your prospect pipeline and don’t set a good example for your downline. Maximizing your efforts by setting goals that force you to stretch allows you to use the power of the exponential multiplier in your business and this pays off big as your group grows and develops. The “exponential multiplier effect” will help your business grow slowly, fast, or “with your hair on fire.” It all depends on how you use it.

Let's have a great summer going for no and growing together!

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