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Join Xyngular With Wide Ignite!

Join Us in a Company-Wide Ignite!

We are excited to announce a Xyngular-wide Ignite happening August 4th!

From August 4th through August 11th, we want each Xyngular Member around the world to join us in doing the Ignite 8 day program! We are going to lose thousands of pounds, tens of thousands of inches, and build belief and stories in Xyngular products like never before!

Xyngular's Corporate leaders will be by your side participating, and we can't wait to hear all the life-changing experiences that will come out of these 8 days. So be sure to have an Ignite Kit on hand (along with a few to share as well), and get ready to change some lives, including your own!

"We've never done anything like this in the history of Xyngular," said Xyngular President Marc Walker, "and we can't wait to see the amazing transformations that are going to happen worldwide. This is a full-scale battle against fat and inches, and we're thrilled to invite each Member to participate with us."


To make Ignite even easier to succeed, we unveiled a new Ignite app, ready for use now! Click here to download for iPhone. Click here to download for Android.

Xyngular's Body Transformation App can help you reach your weight loss, fitness, and wellness goals by giving you the support and information you need to successfully complete the Xyngular Ignite program. Customize a plan that works for you. Each day you’ll receive notifications to keep you on track and a new video to keep you motivated!

  • All the support you need to lose 8 pounds in 8 days
  • Create your own unique profile
  • Record your measurements
  • Add before and after pictures
  • Set your goal, start date, and daily schedule
  • Choose your plan: Traditional, Active, or Vegetarian
  • Pick your products
  • Add optional exercise plan
  • Refer to the grocery list
  • Connect to Facebook with one click and share your success story
Join us in this epic adventure, and get ready to Ignite your way to a new body starting August 4th!


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