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Global Blend: Better Than Ever

Global Blend: Better Than Ever

We are excited to announce our amazing Super Fruit Global Blend now includes Aloe and Xanthones to supercharge the already incredible formula. And it tastes even better than ever!

What is Super Fruit Global Blend?

Utilizing the latest nutritional science, Xyngular has created a complete nutritional supplement juice formula. Super Fruit Global Blend™ delivers nutritional support with three major types of nutrients: antioxidant-rich super fruits, critical primary antioxidant promoting nutrients, and an herbal blend of adaptogens. In order to be truly effective in moving our bodies towards total wellness, there needed to be a product that would incorporate a wide variety of powerful nutrients. We combined these ingredients with primary antioxidant precursors and herbal adaptogens to dramatically increase the benefits of our Super Fruit Global Blend.

The strategic combination of these fruits, antioxidant precursors, and herbal adaptogens into one product causes a unique, synergistic reaction that multiplies and reinforces the effectiveness of each element. We call this our “tri-phasic approach” to overall nutritional and physical well-being.

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