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Xyngular Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently asked questions about Xyngular. Get instructions how to effectively use Xyngular products and how to order them preferably.

How to order Xyngular Products
In order to buy Xyngular Products, you have 3 options. Just decide which option is suitable for you.

  • Order as retail customer
    Retail Customers are those who wish to purchase Xyngular products at the full retail price. There are no membership feeds and no monthly autoship for retail customers. If you are just interested in trying out Xyngular products, this option would probably be best for you.
  • Order as distributor
    Distributors are interested in purchasing Xyngular products and are also interested in it’s Global Business Opportunities. They pay an annual membership fee and agree to a monthly autoship at a discounted price.If you know you will be using Xyngular products every month and are interested in increasing your monthly income, this option is for you.

How to become Xyngular Distributor
If you want to become Xyngular Distributor just visit the proper product page which would you like to order and click to the Order Now button under "ORDER AS DISTRIBUTOR". After order you will get en email with access to your Xyngular back office where you can manage your future orders and your Xyngular distributor team. You will have access to the materials, training videos and all other documents, which will help you in your Xyngular opportunity. Don't worry, you will see your earnings too.

What are polyphenols?
Polyphenols are a class of powerful antioxidants that are thought to be responsible for the French Paradox. This is attributed to the amount of polyphenols present in the grapes used to make French wines. Xyngular product contain a powerful variety of polyphenols, including anthocyanins.

What does ORAC mean?
ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) is a way to measure the antioxidant capacity of a food. Foods with high ORAC values are desirable for their ability to inhibit free radical activity.

Does acai have a high ORAC score?
Yes, this fruit have the highest ORAC score of any fruit or vegetable tested to date, on a gram-for-gram basis. The acai berry is the star among other well-known antioxidant fruits, such as blueberries, grapes, cranberries, and pomegranates. Obtaining a variety of antioxidants through diet or supplementation is essential to maintaining good health.

Core4 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Core4 Nutrient Fusion System?
The Core 4 Nutrient Fusion System is a four-pack of individual components that are designed to target the mid-section, or CORE of the human body. Core 4's components are: Accelerate, Lean, Flush and Cheat.

How long has Core4 been on the market?
Core4 has been available on the USA market since February 2, 2009.

How do I re-order Core4?
Simply revisit this website and order core4 securely with confidence.

What is Nutrient Fusion?
Nutrient Fusion is a nutritional science being pioneered by Xyngular, Inc. It means that the four components in Core4 work more effectively when used together. Each individual component works well on it's own, and when used together in the Core4 Nutrient Fusion system, the components work synergistically to deliver even more powerful results.

Core4 - Cheat

What is Cheat

Cheat is an all-natural fiber product from a Japanese root called Konnyaku and works with water in order to regulate the absorption of macronutrients including fats and carbohydrates. Simply sprinkle Cheat on your food prior to eating.

How much weight can I lose with Cheat?
As with all health or diet foods, Cheat™ is most effective when used with a sensible diet and exercise program. Everyone's body is unique and will react differently to the product.

Will Cheat remove not only fat but protein and carbs from food?
Cheat is designed to control the amount of calories your body absorbs. It is not a fat blocker. Cheat traps portions of food containing fat, protein, and carbohydrates and they are then passed comfortably through the stool.

What food can I use this on?
Cheat can be used on the majority of the foods you eat. The product activates in the presence of liquid so it is best not to use it on any food that is all liquid, like soups, stews, and cereal. You can still use Cheat with wet or liquid foods, but sprinkle it on each bite instead of dusting the entire serving. Cheat is a food additive and is not intended to be used in beverages

How long will it last?
Cheat can be used up to 9 times daily. For most people a 60 serving bottle of Cheat lasts about 20 - 30 days.

Do any of the Core4 products contain Gluten? If so, how much?
We have not tested any of the products for the Gluten content. If you are sensitive to gluten, you should consult your doctor before using it.

Is there any ingredient in any of the Core4 products that someone who is allergic to nuts should not take?
Kola Nut is used in Accelerate which is a nut. If you have a nut allergy, you should consult your doctor before using the product.

How long should I use Cheat?
Cheat can be used for a long period of time. It is non-addictive, non-toxic and very safe. Cheat is actually made of fiber, and fiber is very beneficial for overall health.

Are there any known negative side-effects from using Cheat?
There are no known long-term side-effects from using Cheat. It is all-natural and stimulant-free. Some individuals may experience Temporary Constipation "TC" within the first 2 or 3 days of using Cheat; but this is a normal and usually the cause is lack of sufficient water consumed with the product. If you experience this, reduce the amount of Cheat you use for 1 week and increase your water intake.

Will Cheat change the taste of food?
No. Cheat is flavorless and does not change the taste of your food.

How long before Cheat starts working?
Cheat works with each use. It reduce calories from food each and every time you eat.

Can I take Cheat with other Medications?
If you have a medical condition, you should ask your doctor before using the product.

Are there any AGE restrictions or can my child use Cheat?
Although we believe Cheat can also help overweight children, it is intended for adult use only and should be kept out of reach of children. Cheat can be used by any person 14 or older.

How does Cheat work?
Cheat - (a part of the Core4 products) is a revolutionary powder food sprinkle that does not change the taste of foods and reduce the calories you eat. Cheat is the World’s First Food Sprinkle! Made from a unique fiber that surrounds portions of food in the stomach and safely reduce them naturally through digestion. It is recommended that you drink water during and after you eat to get the best effect from using CHEAT.

Can CHEAT be put into soft foods such as oatmeal, salad dressing?
Yes. CHEAT can be used moderately in foods with consistencies such as oatmeal and salads.

How long should I use Cheat?
Cheat can be used for a long period of time. It is not addictive, non-toxic and it is very safe. In fact, Cheat is made of fiber, so it is very beneficial for overall health and can be used beyond your weight loss goals as a good source of fiber.

Will this cause gas with oily spotting or diarrhea like fat blockers?
Cheat is not a "fat blocker." Unlike fat blocking products, Cheat traps fats, carbohydrate, and proteins in food and removes them comfortably in the stool, whereas fat blockers block fat from being absorbed and leave the risk of fats being removed outside of the stool, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Will Cheat remove Good calories from food?
Yes. Cheat removes portions of foods whether they are healthy or not. Remember, Cheat is about controlling the amount of calories your body absorbs. This product is about calories in vs. calories out.

Core4 - Accelerate

When is the best time to take ACCELERATE? Can you take it on an empty stomach?
Accelerate is best taken in the morning. Do not take it in the evening. You may take Accelerate as per dosage on empty stomach.

Will I feel jittery from ACCELERATE? What is the stimulant used?
Accelerate contains some stimulants from natural sources such as Kola Nut. The amount of naturally occurring caffeine in the formula is very low... less than a cup of coffee.

Is there any ingredient in any of the Core4 products that someone who is allergic to nuts should not take?
There is Kola Nut in Accelerate which is a “nut.” We recommend that if you have a nut allergy to consult your physician before use.

Is ACCELERATE & FLUSH in Vegan capsules?
No. ACCELERATE is in tablet form and FLUSH is encapsulated in a pharmaceutical grade capsule that is not Vegan.

Can I double the dosage of ACCELERATE for more energy before a workout?
Yes, but do not exceed more than 4 tablets per day.

Up to how many ACCELERATE can I take in one day?
4 tablets daily.

When is the optimal time to take ACCELERATE? Can you take on an empty stomach?
Accelerate is best taken in the morning. Do not take Accelerate in the evening. You may take Accelerate as per dosage on empty stomach.

Core4 - Flush

Can I take FLUSH in the morning if I forget in the evening?
No. Follow instructions with FLUSH and take only in the evening 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime with warm water.

How much Senna is exactly measured in Flush?
Per Capsule, we have 200mg Organic Senna Powder.

Can you double the dosage of FLUSH if regular dosage does not supply the results?
Yes, you can but titrate to double the dosage per day. i.e. Start with 2 tablets than go to 3 tablets per day if 2 per day doesn't work than try 4 per day if 3 doesn't work.

Core4 - Lean

If I were to replace my 3 daily meals with LEAN would I be getting all the nutrients I need on a daily basis to be healthy?
Though LEAN is a well balanced protein shake with multivitamins and minerals, we recommend that LEAN is used as a part of a healthy eating schedule.

Can I add fruit to my LEAN smoothie?
Absolutely. Lean’s vanilla flavor is great on its own, but if you want a little more zest to your smoothies, add your favorite fruits or fruit juices. The CORE 4 favorite is Chef Bart’s Blueberry Pomegranate… just add about 6 blueberries, 3 oz of Pomegranate juice and 3 oz of H20, blend and enjoy!

Can I add fiber to my LEAN smoothie?
CORE 4’s LEAN smoothie mixes well with many natural fiber supplements including oat bran, ground flaxseed, apple pectin, and/or psyllium. We recommend you always include a healthy amount of soluble and insoluble natural fiber as part of your LEAN smoothie days. A diet high in natural fiber not only helps curb cravings and promotes regularity, but plays an important role for long-term health and wellness. High-fiber foods—whether taken in your LEAN smoothie or as part of your 400-600 calorie meals—are an integral part of your CORE 4 System.

What kind of protein is in LEAN?
“LEAN” tissue, or muscle, is the body’s best natural fat burner. A healthy body is determined more than just by scale weight, it is body composition. Healthy body composition includes ideal body weight with a low body fat percentage, and healthy bone mineral density. LEAN smoothies® are engineered with a specialized balance of proteins and amino acids to achieve a healthy body composition. Additionally, LEAN’s proprietary combination of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals satisfies the appetite for hours, providing you with a very low-calorie, balanced, nutritional meal or snack.

Can I use LEAN in anything other than a smoothie?
Each serving of LEAN is designed to suit most people’s needs during a weight loss regimen. LEAN is useful as a meal or snack replacement and as a supplement to aid in muscle repair. When you exercise or lift weights, your muscles are damaged. LEAN can play an important role in the repair of your muscles. This can result in less soreness and smoother, more defined muscles.

Can I live on LEAN?
Lean should be used as a meal or snack replacement 1 or 2 times daily. LEAN is very low in calories and the body requires more calories to live on per day, so we do not recommend that you use LEAN as a meal replacement for ALL of your meals. Use LEAN as a meal replacement only once per day or as a snack in between meals 2 times daily.

I notice that many protein supplements on the market have 30 or 40 grams of protein per serving but LEAN only has 10. Why do the other protein supplements have so much?
Remember, LEAN not only has a proprietary blend of proteins that are readily available to the body, it also has a special blend of Amino Acids that act as carriers of protein to the muscle. LEAN is a “smart” protein that does not require a large load of protein. Some of the products on the market that have 30 – 40 grams of protein per serving are loaded with Casein (milk protein) that is filling and coagulates in the stomach creating a feeling of severe bloating. LEAN is highly bio-available, and works in the muscle without disturbing your stomach.

There seems to be some confusion regarding how a person builds/gains lean muscle by using our products.
You gain lean muscle through the recovery period after the muscle has been broken down by some sort of exercise. Protein for recovery, whether from food or supplements is vital for the purpose of lean muscle growth (after it's been broken down). I argue that you cannot gain lean muscle just by eating or drinking protein. However, I continue to see posts about people saying that you're gaining muscle during the 8 day Ignite program (which is why the scale won't reflect accurately).

How can you gain/build muscle just by eating or drinking protein?
I haven't read one thing that validates their claim.


If I take the Super Fruit Global Blend do I also need to take AXION?
Global Blend and AXION are designed to offer different benefits. Our Global Blend is an antioxidant powerhouse to help your cellular health and to scavenge free-radicals. AXION is a nutritional supplement that fills in many of the gaps missing from foods in our daily diet. Not only "can" you take both at the same time, they are very complimentary to one another. 

Why does the tablet have two colors?
AXION tablets are "bi-layer." This means that there are two separate ingredient blends compressed in one tablet. The orange colored layer is an immediate release of multiple nutrients, phytonutrients, micronutrients, and water soluble vitamins that provide you with an absorbable delivery of nutrients. The green colored layer provides a sustained release of ingredients. Together, these layers maximize the bioavailablity of the ingredients.

Do I need to refrigerate AXION?
No. AXION is completely stable in the blister packs. Prior to sealing the blister packs there is a nitrogen flush to naturally sterilize the air prior to sealing. This keeps the product fresh so it does not require refrigeration.

What is Axion's absorption rate?
The first layer (orange) breakdown within 20 min and the extended release layer (green) releases over a period of 4 – 6 hours depending on ingested content accompanying the tablets.

What actual percentage of Axion is absorbed into the body?
It is really not possible to give you an actual absorption rate as this usually depends on the individual as much as the product; however, I can give you our estimated absorption rate of 50-70% for the 1st layer (orange - immediate release) and 30–40% for the second (green). Extremely high in our category and exceptionally high for a tablet. Some of the factors that determine absorption is the interaction between ingredients, frequency of use, and binders used. We do not use a shellack with Axion. The coating is aqueous base and we use the absolute minimal amounts of binders in order to meet the hardness spec to ensure that the tablet breaks down properly in the intestine.


Why are there preservatives in the Super Fruit Global Blend?
There are many ingredients that have a natural level of bioactivity just like fruits picked off the tree or vine. The preservatives are in the juice to preserve the quality of the natural ingredients and to control bad bacteria from forming; which would cause the product to go rancid rather quickly, just as a natural fruit would.

How is Global Blend different from other super fruit juices on the market?
Global Blend is a combination of a broad spectrum of the most highly beneficial super fruits from all over the world. Also, the ingredients are delivered through our "Triphasic" approach. "Tri" meaning 3 is broken down as follows: (1) our Primary Antioxidant Precursor Blend; (2) our Secondary Antioxidants (supplemental antioxidants from the super fruit blend); and (3) Adaptogens to balance your body. This truly sets Global Blend apart from other "purple juices.

Do I have to refrigerate the Super Fruit Global Blend?
In order to maintain the quality of the blend, we recommend that you refrigerate the product after opening. Global Blend XypStix do not require refrigeration.

How many servings of fruits does Global Blend represent?
Global Blend is not a replacement for dietary fruits. This is a powerful antioxidant supplement that should be included with a healthy daily diet including whole fruits and vegetables.


Why are there drug test warnings on the box? Should I be concerned?
XYNG is not a drug. With the increased attention given to PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs) among professional athletes, we felt it would be wise to place a warning specific to professional athletes. We have heard from many people like nurses, pilots, military, and truck drivers; who are XYNG users and are randomly tested for their occupations, that they do NOT test positive while taking XYNG.

Can I take XYNG if I have high blood pressure?
As with any medical condition, you should always consult your physician prior to using the product.

Sometimes I feel tired when I take XYNG. Why is that?
Everyone has a unique body chemistry, and products will not react the same with everybody. In some cases the serotonin uptake from XYNG may cause a relaxing effect. People who become more relaxed when they take XYNG usually don't have much of an appetite either.

I like the energy I get from XYNG but I don't like to swallow pills. Can I add XYNG to water and drink it?
As long as the ingredients are consumed, you should feel all the benefits of XYNG. You can add it to water, but it will not taste pleasant. Instead, add the contents of a XYNG capsule to a LEAN Shake.

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